Miri Trip 2014: The Skinny


If you didn't already know from countless stalkings of my social media sites, I left this blog empty for about a week. I had jetted off to Miri, Sarawak on a trip. It was my first time ever going to East Malaysia in the 24 years of my life, a fact that I'm not really proud of. It was all thanks to the good people at AirAsia and the Sarawak Tourism Board for hosting me during the 7 day trip, and to make sure that I was in want for nothing during my time under their care.

I attended my first ever Jazz festival, which was both an eye and ear opening experience for me. The Borneo Jazz Festival was definitely one of the best musical experiences I've had, limited as it may be, with local and international bands coming together to play the jazziest tunes possible.

I planted a tree, which is pretty much like saying that I gave life to a living thing.

So in 20 years or so, provided my tree is properly nurtured, I can go back to Miri and see my baby all grown up. Ah, the very thought brings a tear to my eye.

I went on a Mulu adventure. There were caves, oh my goodness, all the caves.

We were all required to trek through lots of dense, untouched jungles, with the rain creating slippery paths. And we took a long (both the shape and the time spent) boat ride from Miri to Mulu, which gave my bum cramps.

There was also no Internet in the deep forests of Mulu, which was a torture way worse than me accidentally placing my hand on bat guano. True story.

I saw Abraham Lincoln's silhouette, which was great I supposed, if it wasn't (probably) covered in guano. Still, it was fantastic to see nature's handiwork.

I met a group of awesome people; people whom I formed a real rapport with. These guys made the entire trip so much more fun, from wild dancing at the jazz festival to the encouragement given during the long dark trek through the Mulu National Park. And of course, these guys made taking selfies a little less sad, because there is nothing sadder than taking selfies alone. And boy, did we take a lot of selfies.

I saw the sun rise from the east and set on the west.

It was one of the things that a city boy like me never really cared to observe or even appreciate, and it was just one of the most beautiful sights ever.

I did this, and it was great.

No idea what I'm doing exactly, but yeah.

Of course, as per all the other travel posts, this is just the skinny of the entire Miri trip. It will slowly be fleshed out in the coming days, just like how I fleshed myself out with eating and sleeping for a majority of the trip. Yeah, that's how well we were taken care of by AirAsia and Sarawak Tourism Board, so a big, big thank you to them.


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