5 Reactions When Being Complimented


I've said in the past that I don't really know where or how to look at someone during a conversation, but apparently, that's not my entire problem. Apparently, I don't know how to take a compliment as well. I realized that my face almost immediately gets confused as I'm being complimented. Should I be happy? Or modest? Or proud? My face then scrunches up in a mess of emotions. It's terrible.

There are several kinds of facial expressions one may employ at being praised, and here are a few that I think I use almost all the time.

Yes, I'm also saying that I get a lot of praise. Deal with it.

#5 The Shy Shy

When being complimented, it's quite common to turn up the shy factor. Reddened cheeks, a shy smile, a glance away. That's the normal reaction to being praised. This is also to show that you're a modest guy who is able to take a compliment without being seen as a showoff.

#4 The 看牙不看眼 (literally See Teeth Don't See Eyes)

Sometimes, people will praise me without holding back. This kind of praise makes me happy, and when I'm happy, I tend to smile a lot. The term above, 看牙不看眼, is used to describe a person smiling so hard that their eyes disappear. I am that person. Praise me. 

#3 The I-Totally-Deserved-It

For those moments when you really feel like you deserve the compliment. For me, this happens more than I would like to admit. Hey, I'm never one to back down from a compliment.

#2 The Overly Emotional

Praise comes in all forms. When someone I really admire praises me for something I have done, I tend to fall into an emotional state of uncontrollable weeping. This may scare some people though, and they'll think twice before lavishing praises on you in future.

#1 The Oh-Stop-It-You

Or, "No, don't stop. Please NEVER stop praising me."


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