#RoomerHasIt That Tune Hotel KLIA2 is Pretty Awesome


Pajamas (or pyjamas, depending on how seriously you take these things), are not part of my daily outfit. The only pajamas I like to wear to sleep is the suit I was born in, to go full commando. Okay, maybe I'm giving out a bit too much information. But my concept of pajamas is only from what I've seen on TV, and I can honestly tell you that it is severely flawed.

Pictured: My concept of a pajama party.

So imagine my surprise when I was invited to attend the Tune Hotels #RoomerHasIt Pajamas Party at the newly opened Tune Hotel in KLIA2. Since it is a pajamas party, all the guests were required to put on and flaunt their best pajamas. I pondered upon this dilemma for a bit, and then decided to go for the Korean celebrity style of pajamas-wearing.

So basically, wearing a hoodie and board shorts with nothing underneath. I regretted this decision almost immediately as I stepped into the Tune Hotel Courtyard where the party was held.

See, in Korea, the nights are pretty darn cold. There is no such thing in Malaysia. Malaysia nights are as hot and humid as in the day. So wearing a hoodie wasn't exactly the best idea for an outdoor themed party. I could literally feel the sweat dripping down my neck and down my bare body. It was as though I had a fever, and I never felt less like going to sleep in my life than on that night.

The sweat is real. Credits to Jackie for this pic. 

But the party itself was great. Many people came dressed in proper pajamas (see, top and bottom) while some just came in shorts and slippers. I also saw 2 Minnie Mice, a Godzilla, a samurai, a couple of kampung dudes in sarong, and a lot of Stephen Chow films-inspired landladies.

No one came in their birthday suit, which was a shame because that would have won all the prizes.

There were performances by Eugene See and Melissa Indot to pump up the party, though their music was far from the kind that puts you to sleep. Oh, and Youtube sensation Elizabeth Tan also took the stage; her voice leaving me in a cocoon of joy. I literally forgot how hot I was in my firecoat pajamas when Elizabeth was singing. And yes, I was almost serenaded to sleep, which suited the party very well because of the comfy beanbags scattered all around.

Pic credits to Jackie again.

There was also a DJ at the end of the party, DJ Faith, who made sure we (and the rest of the unfortunate guests staying over at Tune Hotel that night) wouldn't get an ounce of shuteye.

Somewhere along the line, I was also given a rough facial by Godzilla. None of that is innuendo.

Okay, enough about the pajamas party for now. I have to plug the newly opened KLIA2 Tune Hotel for a bit too. You know where the new KLIA2 is? Good. Tune Hotel is located about 10 minutes walk from KLIA2's main terminal. It's one of those places for weary travellers to lay their heads while waiting for their red-eyed flights. The lobby itself is a sight for sore eyes; a sprawling minimalist design which can even please the staunchest of designers.

Contrary to popular belief, the KLIA2 Tune Hotel rooms are quite spacious. I've heard horror stories about how small and cramped the rooms can get, especially the door-to-bed radius of absolutely nothing in between. The room could fit in myself as well as Miao and his hamster friends Wafu and Pafu, without too much trouble, and there was plenty of space left.

That's saying a lot, seeing that Miao loves dreaming about food. Ahem.

I've also heard rumors that Tune Hotels was notoriously stingy with their services, and that almost everything is pay-per-use, including extra towels, pillows and even the freaking TV. I just want to clarify that it is NOT the case here in the new Tune Hotel. The TV had a pretty wide range of channels, the water didn't turn cold 5 minutes into the shower and our one day only WIFI didn't die for the whole night. Hell, I even saw this hairdrying service provided absolutely free of charge*

*You must remember to bring your own Sue Ann for this free service to take effect. 

One of the best things about this new Tune Hotel is that it is literally minutes away from a skymall. And it's a pretty impressive skymall at that, with pretty much everything you need all in one place. The new KLIA2 mall is so insanely huge, you really should be at the airport 3 hours before your flight in case you get distracted by all the pretty things on display, or just because your legs can't walk fast enough.

The good thing about Tune Hotel being so nearby is that almost everything is at your convenience. Literal doorstep.

Now excuse me while I plan out my own pajama party where everyone is given a pillow at the beginning and forced to fight each other for the right to have dinner. May the odds ever be in your favor.

Like this but better.


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