Time To Let Your Hair FLOW!


Okay. I know what most of you will be saying when you read the title of this post: "You're writing a blog post about a hair saloon? You've had the same freaking hairstyle since forever." It's true. I'm not what you'd call a fashionable person, especially in terms of my hairstyle. I've had the same haircut since my high school's disciplinary teacher gave me The Haircut, and it's all thanks to my cousin, Yean, who did her level best to save me from ridicule. Then she continued giving me the same haircut for the next 7 years, up to today.

I do not kid. 

So of course, since she's officially the only person allowed to mess around with my hair, I naturally had to be present for the opening of her brand new hair saloon, FLOW Hair Styling. After years of honing her skills as a hairdresser, my cousin has finally opened up her own place to spread the love of cutting and styling hair.

Since I've never been to a hair saloon opening because of obvious reasons (see above: same hairstyle for over 7 years), I don't really know how to start. So I'll try to break it down to a few categories.

The Grand Opening

I don't really know what to say about a grand opening because a grand opening is pretty much self explanatory. So instead, I'll use pictures and captions to make this entire part easier to digest. Picture worth a thousand words and all that. And all these pictures are taken by Tony, so huge, huge credits to him. Check out his page for more pictures from the grand opening.

 The storefront, adorned with congratulatory flowers from various people. Lion heads and firecrackers sold separately.

 The co-founders (read: bosses) of FLOW Hair Styling, Maxx Chuo and Yean.

Every single haircut in this picture was done in FLOW. Including my 7 year-long hairstyle.

 It's supposingly good luck to touch the lion heads, which my nephew and nieces are getting all up in. 

 Here's to starting off your new saloon with a bang, Yean! Man, I am so punny.

 All the hairstyles in this picture are also done at FLOW. Oh, and they're all my nephews and nieces, which makes me feel older than I really look.

 No caption needed. Oh wait, that's a caption. Dang.

Everyone of these hairsty-y'know what, you get the idea. 

The Saloon

The first thing you'll notice about the saloon is how incredibly atas it looks. I mean, there's a freaking chandelier in the middle of the saloon, and the whole place is bathed in a sort of warm lighting. It's one of those saloons where you know that you'll be getting your money's worth just by sitting down for your haircut.

I mean, imagine walking into a hair saloon like this...

You'll just know that you're in for at least a comfortable time while waiting for your perm to come out just right.

The Staff

One of the most important things in a hair saloon is how well you bond with the staff. Some people love talking to their hairstylists as they get their hair done. Waiting for your perfect perm can take a long time after all. You can be pretty sure that the people at FLOW will be more than happy to engage in happy banter with you, because "service with a smile" is one of their core attributes. Trust me on this.

The staff of FLOW will always be happy to serve you. 
From L-R: Maxx, Oscar, Vincent, Yean, Yedda and Melvin.

The Services

Of course, another important aspect of a hair saloon is how well the staff will actually do up your hair. In the end, how beautiful a saloon doesn't stand up to how well your hair makeover is done. You can be sure that your hair will be in good hands at FLOW. After all, almost all the staff members have had years and years of training (my cousin worked at a top hair saloon franchise for 10 years before starting FLOW). Here's an example:

But you can't really just look at the pictures. You need to go try it out for yourself to see what I'm talking about. Here's a list of all the services available at FLOW, for your convenience.

The Location

Now that you know what services FLOW offers, it's time to head down there and check it out for yourself. Reading my scrawls on this blog post won't necessarily get you a fantastic new hair makeover. So here's a handy little map for you to follow.

Otherwise, a GPS will always be your best friend in these situations. Just look for FLOW Hair Styling.

So if you're looking for a hairdo, why not try out and let your hair FLOW? Or let FLOW flow your hair...? Okay, I don't know what I'm saying anymore. The nice people at FLOW might know what to say though, so check out their Facebook page for more offers and deals in the future.


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