5 Reasons To Vote on the 5th of May 2013


The election fever seems to have gripped the nation with a nationalistic fervor not seen since Lee Chong Wei played in the badminton final of the Olympics last year. It's literally what everyone is talking about now, all the time. Whether you're into the water cooler hangouts (for those who still actually hang around the water coolers at work), sharing political news and scandals through all forms of social media or just taking a drive down any road in Malaysia (I dare you to find one without any flags or banners), the hype for the upcoming 13th general elections is at fever pitch.

This is my first year as a registered voter and I'm excited about it. I mean, what's there not to be excited about? This is the first time in the 23 years of my life that I'm actually going through with something on a national scale. I've always dreamed of myself being a national footballer since I was in Form 1, and 10 years later, I'm still slogging through the soggy garden pitches with my dream all but vaporized. To be able to partake in a national scale event is massive for me.

Since it's my first time as a voter, I'm obviously super stoked. Here are the 5 reasons why I think all registered voters should go vote this 5th of May.

#5 Change


This is probably the most obvious reason to go vote this year. Based on the insane amount of political scandals in Malaysia, especially within the current government, it's obvious that change is needed. I'm not saying this because I want to influence you to vote for a certain party; that's entirely your choice. I believe that Malaysians are well informed enough to decide for themselves who they want to vote for in the elections. But the main thing is that after 5 years of all the political catfighting, we want to see some changes happening. Change is a very difficult thing for many people to grasp, because it takes you out from the comfort zone and throws you into unfamiliar territory. But without change, how else will you be able to see a difference, and how then will we be able to further improve? I believe that it's finally time for a change, people.

#4 Courage

If you follow any of the Malaysian news, I'm surprised that anyone would dare to step out and vote at all. News of rowdy youths beating up civilians over alleged political disputes, raging MPs arguing publicly about who's better than the other, the sudden emergence of sex tapes...it's a literal political war zone out there. This is why we as the voters need to show some courage and stand up for what's right. We can't cower in a corner hope everything is all fine and dandy. We need to stand firm and be brave through all this political turmoil and understand that we need to be counted.

#3 Complaints

As Malaysians (yes, including myself), we love to complain about almost everything. "Why so hot wan?", "Why so expensive wan?", "Why so long wan?", "Why so mafan wan?"; don't deny it. You've definitely uttered at least one of these phrases before. We love to complain, whether it's about the service, the government policies, the mamak raising the price of a teh o ais...it's just Malaysian nature. But here's the thing. If you decide that you don't want to vote this year, what gives you the right to complain about anything at all? I mean, it's like you're the person who doesn't want to decide where to eat for lunch, but makes a huge fuss when your friends finally pick a place. You can't stand the corruption in the country? You don't get that right to complain about it because you didn't decide on the person who won't siphon off the country's money. If you want to retain your right to complain, exercise your right to vote.

#2 Children

You may not have kids now (I seriously hope I don't) but unless you're going to spend every day locked up in your room or staying with your parents, you're going to get married and you're going to have children. What has this got to do with voting, you ask? Well, you're not only voting for yourself, but you're also voting on your children's (or future children's) behalf. Vote for your children's future. You may not be able to see the changes in your lifetime, but what of your kids, and their kids and their kids' kids? They are the next generation of Malaysians. Ultimately, it all boils back down to your vote. Vote for a better future, not only for yourself and your generation now but for the future as well.

#1 ExerCise

I would like to apologize because my last reason breaks from the mold of 'C's. There's no other word I can use to substitute exercise. But yes, exercise. As Malaysians, we have to exercise our right to vote, our right to choose. We've been given this amazing opportunity to make a difference, all by simply marking an 'X'. You don't want your rights to get all fat and squishy and unhealthy just because you didn't exercise it. Plus, running all the way out to your voting place has got to at least count as a proper calorie burner.

I'm voting on the 5th of May this year. Are you? Note: The answer you're looking for is yes and only yes.


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