Bangkok Trip 2013: The Skinny


If you follow me on any of the social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would probably know that I jetted off to Bangkok. I mean, with the amount of updates I posted, I'm surprised that people didn't just snap and unfollow me, swearing to never give me the attention that I so actively seek. Because as Bugger ECF told me as I was trying to take a nicer picture in the sweltering heat of Bangkok, "Stop taking pictures of yourself. Nobody gives a damn."

With the exception of Seoul, I've actually written a 'Skinny' post for almost every single one of my destinations. It serves as a prequel to what you can expect from the blog posts ahead. It also serves as a way for me to snatch at your attention and make sure you want to continue coming back for more adventures.

It was my first time in Bangkok, and going with the Buggers only made the whole trip much more fun. Bugger Jun especially, because he was the most experienced one among us; he goes there so frequently that he calls Thailand his second home.

So what did three dashingly good looking young men and Bugger Marcus do in Bangkok for 5 whole days? For those of you who don't follow my every update on Facebook or Instagram, the four of us Buggers spent most of our time going around eating. I mean, we operate a food blog (that is growing spider webs), and Thai cuisine is famous for being insanely spicy and delicious.

I mean, look at all the food we had.

 The famous coconut ice cream shop. Perfect for cooling down in the arid Bangkok heat.

 Tom yam, that really spicy dish on the right and glass noodles.

What's Thailand without mango sticky rice and mango ice cream, all plopped on a delicious platter?

In case people tell you that stuff in Thailand is small, feel free to whip out your smartphone, open up this blog post and show them this picture of a freaking prawn monster from the depths of your nightmares.

Yes, that is a single prawn. Yes, I'm pretty glad it's dead and sitting on my plate.

I wanted to show you a picture of Bugger Marcus eating, but unfortunately, I forgot the fact that he inhales food. Here's a picture of Bugger ECF trying to fit half of an After You toast into his mouth.

Of course, not only were we there for the food, we were also in full tourist mode. And by tourist mode, I mean we took a helluva lot pictures of ourselves and the things around us, sometimes simultaneously.

Being typical Asians, taking pictures of food.

Camwhoring with a hotel mirror is definitely a touristy thing to do.

I had my first ever tuk tuk ride. For those of you who don't know, a tuk tuk is a three wheeled metal hunk of vehicular manslaughter. It was just as exhilarating as it was described to me. I can say that a tuk tuk ride across the busy Bangkok streets during rush hour has just made the list of things I fear the most. 

We visited a quaint little area called Asiatique across the Chao Phraya river, and I went into full tourist mode. 

I went to that place where they shot Hangover II, fully intending to recreate the scenarios found in that movie. I even had a Hangovertini (true story) like they had in the movie. Sadly, my plan failed because I'm not a complete idiot.

We went shopping. We went shopping a LOT.

 Bugger Marcus contemplating if he should just raid the entire shop, or buy a measly 15 T-shirts.

This is half of Day 1's purchases. 

Sometimes, I got bored and did stupid things because I was safe in the knowledge that no one in Bangkok knew me. 


Sometimes I got drunk and made ill informed decisions like eating a freaking scorpion.

Even my T-shirt is shocked.

I also went for a full body massage. I know what you sick minded perverts are thinking. No, I did not have a happy ending. Instead, I got a death stare from my masseuse because I didn't tip her.

I also got a piercing, to the horror of my mom. But c'mon, I was in Bangkok and I had just eaten a scorpion. I figured, YOLO.

 #SWAG #YOLO #BanishedFromFamily #CutOffFromWill

And what is Thailand without some hilarity?

A brutally honest and morally crooked cocktail bar. 

Go home payphone, you're drunk.

There will be more posts on Bangkok coming up soon within the next few days. I can't just have a skinny post and not flesh it out. In the meantime, I'll be busy trying to fit back into the reality of assignments and other miscellaneous things to rush.

Darn, I miss Bangkok already.

เชีย! (Cheerios, according to Google Translate)

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