Bangkok Trip 2013: I Eat A Scorpion


Sometimes, people make some of the biggest decisions in their lives when they had a little too much to drink. Sometimes, these decisions turn out to be absolutely brilliant and life-changing but most of the time, it usually ends in a hangover of regret the following morning. While I was in Bangkok, I made some pretty rash decisions, like get an ear piercing, but it was nothing big that could potentially change my life.

Oh wait, I did make a rash call after drinking a bucket of Red Bull vodka. That decision was to step up to a roadside stall selling all manner of fried creepy crawlies and purchase a 50 baht scorpion on a skewer, and proceed to eat it. Yes, you read that right. I ate a freaking fried scorpion.

Let me back up a bit. While I was on the plane en route to Bangkok, I sorta proclaimed loudly to the Buggers that if we should ever find a stall selling fried scorpions, I would gladly proceed to purchase one and munch the living daylights out of it. I didn't think that respectable young men like us would ever step into an area which sold the nasty little things. I was wrong. And drunk.

So I was holding the scorpion on a skewer, with a crowd of onlookers staring at me aghast. Most were foreigners, and I could even hear some of them muttering short prayers for the little Asian boy who was about to eat a freaking scorpion. I don't really remember what I did that night, but I think I must have been pretty theatrical. I do remember getting an applause after I took my first bite, and I remember accepting that applause by taking another huge bite of the scorpion.

Contrary to popular belief, fried scorpions are not at all disgusting. Sure, if you're like me, you may find it difficult to bring the scorpion skewer anywhere close to your mouth. But once you take the leap and bite down, it tastes amazingly like...nothing. I was thinking of all the possible flavors that a scorpion could have; Does it taste like chicken? Lamb? It was none of those. The closest thing I can describe it as is a particularly salty potato chip. I'm not kidding. It's really crunchy, and it's tasteless. The only thing your mouth will feel is the insane amount of salt they used to garnish it with. Even the body is hollow. It's like an M&M, without the insides.

Honestly, after finishing up my scorpion, I only felt that I wasted RM5 on the most expensive single potato chip ever. At least I got this video to show you how extremely insane and drunk I was, eating scorpions and such.

I guess Bugger Jun was pretty drunk too because he plucked up his courage and had one of my scorpion's legs. But hey, we're young men so, YOLO.


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