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Although many of you may know me as a student of M. University, I can safely say that I have been unfaithful to them on many occasions. Not only have I been secretly seeing other private colleges behind their back, I have also been promoting said colleges on this blog. I know I'm a terrible student and an even more terrible flirt but hey, it's just human nature.

IACT College is yet another college which I have been oh-so secretly been flirting with. And by the end of this post, you'll probably mistake me for a student of IACT College because of all the good things I'm saying about it. That's how hard I'm going to promote it. Like I said, I'm a terrible flirt.

So I attended IACT's Open Day last week. It was doubly bad of me because I didn't even attend M. University's Open Day, but here I am happily engaging myself in the wonders of another college as they try their level best to make me their student. 

Because I was slightly late (because I have this thing of going to school late), I missed out on the opening speech by the Admission & Marketing Manager, Mr. Mark Grunden. I was immediately whisked up to the PC Lab for a Creative Design Workshop. Almost all eyes were on me when I stepped in (nothing I've never experienced before in my numerous latecomings) so I quickly took a seat next to Simon and FiSh.

The face of a person who knows he's late, and proud of it.

 Miss Queenie Yaw, the creative design lecturer. It's obvious that she's very passionate about teaching us all about how to creatively design things. (Credits:

Here I am caught playing with my phone during class, another classic example of what I do in the lectures at M. University.

 I have got to work on my expressions. Can't seem to catch the correct expression at the correct time. I may come off as being very, very stuck up.

After the workshop, the most important part of the campus tour was about to begin. Lunch. Yes, you heard me. Lunch. Without food in our bellies, how else were we going to have the strength to go for the actual tour? The best thing about lunch is that it was all bought from the nearby plethora of food stalls found in Jaya One, so lunch is never really an issue for students at IACT College.

 Having a short chat with Mr. Grunden, telling him all about our blogs. I didn't know how to categorize mine, so I just said I'm the random one. 

 What is lunch without a group picture? 

After lunch was the proper campus tour. Led by the cheeky monkey Tan Yee Hou, we were brought to the professional studio where most of the photo and video shoots were done. They even have a green screen and all.

 Ah, the things I could do with a green screen at home.

The best thing about having Yee Hou as a tour guide is that he allows us to try almost everything. Which is probably the only reason why we got to have an impromptu photoshoot in the studio.

 Yee Hou setting up the lights in the studio for a proper photoshoot. 

 Again, I need to work on the timing of my expressions. This is why I'll probably never be a model, or why no one wants to photograph me. (Credits to

 And I forgot to introduce the rest of the gang. L-R: ShannonSamanthaFiSh, the awesome Veronica, Mr LCLY and Simon. Here all being serious.

 Best thing about being in a professional studio is that the lighting is amazing. Therefore camwhoring is a must.  I don't do it well though, because I'm not photogenic. 

 Samantha on the other hand...a born and bred pure natural.

Next up in the tour was the recording studio, where beautiful, beautiful music is recorded. Again, thanks to Yee Hou, we got to go all wild on the equipment.

 Here I am trying to pretend to be singing, but ended up being the amateur who is busy adjusting the mic. 

 Why is everyone else so much more natural at posing than I am? I have got to work on my photogenic issues.

 Cameras anyone?

The final stop was the library. It's a fairly small library, with a limited amount of physical books. This is because IACT College is more about technology, so all their books are in soft copy. It's a good way to save the trees too, I guess. Since we're all forbidden to talk in the library, I'll just let the pictures below tell you their own stories.

Finally, I just want to share some of the students' works found hanging on the walls along every corridor. These are simply brilliant stuff, and it really gives IACT College's claim of being a creative design college much benefit. I'll just let you see these works, and you can decide for yourselves.

 "Ooooooh...The claw!" The aliens from Pizza Planet (Toy Story)

 Black and White Lego Mashup.

Holy shyte this is some creepy nonsense. Look at that cute and innocent face, contrasted by her need for your blood. Holy shyte!

After seeing all those pictures above, does it make you want to immediately want to go and sign up for their courses? No? Well, you might after reading this next sentence. IACT is working together with the University of Sunderland to bring you a new programme, The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Advertising and Design 3+0. It's one of those courses which merges the best of both worlds, focusing on the designing and advertising of your products. Who knows? You could be the brains behind the next big thing. Check out more about this course by clicking the image below. You won't regret it.


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