5 More Life Lessons Gleaned from Running Man


Running Man has become quite a big part of my life, and while watching the show week after week, I've gleaned a lot of life lessons that we can easily apply to our lives. I wrote two previous Running Mondays posts (7 life lessons gleaned from Running Man and 7 MORE life lessons gleaned from Running Man), and here's the third edition of this series. Because when it comes to teaching us life lessons, there's no where better to go than to watch the most fantastic Korean variety show ever.

#5 Never be afraid to run away (from a comment sent in by tswizzlez)

Running away may seem to be the most cowardly thing to do in case of an emergency but on Running Man, running away is often one of the most important strategies to win. This is especially true in the case of the nametag ripping games, with Yoo Jae-suk as a prime example of how running away from opposing teams can lead to turnaround victories. Case in point: Never be afraid to take a step back, reevaluate your chances and come back stronger. Who knows? You may even get to rip off everyone else's nametags.

#4 Work hard for your family

I was particularly impressed by how Suk-jin, HaHa and Ji-hyo were shouting out to their family members (HaHa to Dream, Suk-jin to his wife and son and Ji-hyo to her parents) as they were rowing across the Han River in episode 178. One must never forget the most important people in our lives, and work hard to make them proud. HaHa especially, became a leader of the small paper boat, just so he could make his son, Dream, proud.

#3 Impossible is nothing

Running Man has shown that the impossible is only a word; with enough effort and determination put in, the impossible will become possible. No one thought it was possible to even cross the Han River in a self-made paper boat, more less in under 25 minutes. No one thought that the weakest member (Suk-jin) would be able to tear off the nametag of the strongest member (Jong-kook). But with determination and effort, these impossible feats became possible. Always believe that everything is possible.

#2 Teamwork will always triumph

There is nothing teamwork cannot do. The Running Man members have shown that sometimes, their individual skills are insufficient to complete the games. This is where their teamwork comes into play. It has been shown in many of the One Chance missions that as a team, the Running Man members can overcome almost any obstacle in their way. In all the One Chance missions, the members have never had to be punished because they were that good in overcoming the missions set. I have also written extensively on the teamwork in Running Man (you can read it here: http://leonhart90.blogspot.com/2014/01/crossing-han-river-running-mans-amazing.html)

#1 Always be yourself

Each member of Running Man possesses their own unique character; Kwang-soo is the betrayer, HaHa is cunning, Ji-hyo is the Ace and etc...But at the end of it all, their characters on Running Man still take a back seat to their real life selves. Ji-hyo, for example, isn't afraid to show off her "Mongness", or her love of sleeping anywhere and everywhere. Kwang-soo may seem to be a terrible traitor, but he's always willing to shed that character and help out his hyungs and noona whenever they need it. After all, a character is just for show, but the true self will always show in the end.

Do you think I missed out any life lessons to be learned on Running Man? Leave a comment below and it may just be featured in the next edition of this post.


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