An (Honest) Valentine's Day Menu


Being single on Valentine's Day can sometimes be a bummer, with all the lovey dovey posts on Facebook and Twitter about how much my couple friends are enjoying the acts of extreme love their significant others have showered on them. It's just too much sweetness for my Grinch heart to take. 

But when it comes to eating out on Valentine's Day, I must say that I'm pretty darn thankful I don't have anyone in my life to impress so much that I have to do weeks of booking in advance just to secure a seat in a swanky upscale restaurant that will probably only have one menu and overcharge every single item. 

So yes, to take advantage of this boom in business, my restaurant, SPL Restaurant, Bar and Bistro, is also coming up with a Valentine's Day menu. Maybe a little different from what you see in other restaurants, but hey, our tagline is "We're not even real". 


(click to enlarge)

There will be no bookings required because like our tagline says, "we're not even real"!

Happy Valentine's Day if you have someone to celebrate it with (lucky bugger) and also Happy Chinese Valentine's Day. I wonder if restaurants would double the price of their food to take advantage accommodate suckers lovebirds like you.

By the way, here's a brand new video I did for MY Valentine this year. Contrary to popular belief, i DO have a date this Valentine's Day and I'm no longer that sad, sad little lonely man.


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